Luong Khanh Toan
Luong Khanh Toan was born in 1955 at Ninh Binh,Vietnam. He graduated in 1983 from the Fine Arts University and is a member of the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Association. Luong Khanh Toan specialises mainly in oil on canvas. He creates pieces with spectacular colour and contrast.


1997: Individual exhibition for 1st time. 1997: Exhibition Award Literature at Fine Arts Association of HCMC. 1998: Exhibition territory of the South at Arts museum of HCMC. Exhibition Saigon's 300 years at Arts Museum of HCMC. 1999: Exhibition Arts National Military at Hanoi. Group exhibition at Tu Do Gallery. Group exhibition at Bich Cau Gallery. 2000: Exhibition Arts Nationally at Giang Vo.Hanoi. 2001: Exhibition Arts Vietnam-Japan Arts Museum of HCMC. 2002: Exhibition Speciality Lacquer at Fine Arts University. Luong Khanh Toan has collections in Japan, Taiwan, France,
Australia and the United stated America. He has won many prizes, including the Military Certificate of Nation Art and the Certificate of Arts Vietnam-Japan.
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