Nguyen Dang Khoat

1952: Born in Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh Province.
1983: Graduated from Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University

Member of Ho Chi Minh Fine Art Association
1990: National Fine Arts Exhibition
1992: Private Exhibition
1993: Group Exhibition
1995: National Fine Arts Exhibition
1999: Gaining prize of Vietnamese Fine Art Association
2000: National Fine Arts Exhibition
Gaining the 3rd prize of Vietnamese Fine Art Association
Gaining the prize of National Fine Art Exhibition (1995-2000)
Many of his paintings can be seen Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum, Collections in and out cuntries such as: USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, Italy…….
This selection of paintings by the artist is believed to be made by a traditional method. The method consists of using water-colours on raw silk, then washing the silk many times to create the desired colour and texture on the material. This makes the colours soften and stick to each of the fibres on the silk. Finally the painting is strengthened on a layer of paper.
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