Do Duy Tuan
Born in 1954 in Thua Thien Hue – Vietnam
Graduated from Hue Fine Arts College
Do Duy Tuan is one of the most talented artists in the field of contemporary modern art in Vietnam. His distinctive styled artworks feature mostly beautiful women, portraying his female subjects in somber and dreamy like moods, using clever blends of mixed media and oil as his material. He successfully merged both a high degree of delicacy and texture creating effective contrast in his paintings.
He has received numerous awards from competitions and exhibits internationally. Twice, he has received the Certificate of Recognition from the Phillip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards.
“I finally found my inner peace, and it reflects in my creations. My art embraces the nostalgic and romantic ambiance of Hue, of the glorious past, and of the divine, dream like beauty that I have yet to reconcile with today’s civilization. My subjects reflect my heart and soul and are not challenging, for I want my viewers to appreciate and enjoy them as if they were actually creating the artworks themselves.”-Do Duy Tuan
1973-1975 Participated in the Painting and Sculpture Exhibition of The Fine Arts College at Hue and Da Nang city.
1994 Participated in the “26 Hue artists” exhibition in HCM City
1994 Participated in the ” Cam Xuc94? in Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Association.
1995-1996 Participated in the numerous exhibition at Ho ChiMinh City Fine Art Association and The Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum.
1997 Participated in Vietnam ASIAN Art Award, Hanoi (Phillip Morris)
1998 Participated in Vietnam ASIAN Art Award, Hanoi (Phillip Morris)
1999 Participated in in Participated in Vietnam ASIAN ArtAward Exhibition, Hanoi (Phillip Morris)
2000 The First Solo Exhibition Singapore
2000 Participated in Nation-wide Art Exhibition 1996-2000, Hanoi.
2001 International Exhibiton ” Nude” in Singapore.
2001 Participated in Vietnam ASIAN Art Award Exhibition, Hanoi (Phillip Morris).
2001 Participated in Phillip Morris ASIAN Art Award Exhibition,Bali, Indonesia.
2001 Participated in Vietnam-Korea Art Exhibition, The HCMC ArtMuseum.
2003 Participated in Vietnam Art Award Exhibition, Zone 6.
2003 Participated in Exhibition in Switzerland.
2003 Participated in Exhibition in Singapore.
2004 Participated in group exhibition with Particular ArtGallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2004 Participated in Exchange Art Exhibition between Vietnam -Lao in Vienchan, Lao
2004 Participated in Group Exhibition in Hongkong.
2005 Participated in group exhibition with Vannessa ArtLink, Jakarta, Indonesia
1999 Won the third prize in Vietnam Association Zone 6.
2000 Won the Art National Award 1996-2000.
2001 Won the A prize Art National zone 6.
Won the Vietnam Art Award 2001 / Asian 2002 – PhillipMorris.
2003 Won the Art Aard, Zone 6.
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