Duong Huy
Duong Huy

Born in 1951 in Hanoi, Duong Huy studied architecture for five years and post-graduation lived and worked in Ho Chi Minh. He currently resides in Hanoi. Duong Huy is known as a notable landscape painter who thrives on his art. His landscapes are characterized by their vivid use of tones and colors and drawing shapes and figures by playing with light. His unique treatment of light conveys different shapes of feelings in concrete situations of time and space.
The artistic image of Duong Huy’s paintings is flowering plants with a whole hierarchy of tones and colours. A large flowering plant generally occupies the central part of the composition but no flowers or flower stems are visibly depicted. It is interesting to note that here are no such large flowering plants or trees with brilliant tones and colors likewise in nature. By association of ideas, I recall master painter Picasso’s words: “I paint jointly with Nature and not after it”. It means that both Nature and the artist’s very nature will gradually go into the picture. The flowering plant that seems to have been illogically drawn turns out to be logical when judged after Duong Huy’s thoughts and feelings
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